Infusing empathy into our hearts, professional lives and communities….

Assisting Organizations

Medical Improv: Developing empathy and communication “soft skills” for healthcare collaboration

Guiding Patients

RN Patient Advocate: Guiding people through the medical processes and myriad of care options

Teaching Self-Care

Self-Care for Health Professionals: Strategies to boost our spirits and balance our lives


Reducing medical errors and employee turnover, along with improving patient satisfaction are important ways Medical Improv can help your organization.  Health professionals learn and practice the “soft skills” of emotional intelligence by engaging in interactive Improv to Improve Healthcare! workshops.


Individuals are often frightened and confused with their own or a loved one’s healthcare decisions.  Whether it’s a change in medical condition, home environment, recent hospitalization, or upcoming surgery, Stephanie’s team is ready to educate, advocate, support, and guide you in the choices you make.

Health Professionals

It’s tough working as a healthcare professional in today’s intense medical environment. Having empathy for ourselves is a prelude to offering empathy for others.  These creative self-care strategy workshops are fun, interactive, restorative, and tap into new areas of self expression for health professionals.