Medical Improv Explained

Medical Improv uses the principles of improvisational theater to teach the skills of listening, observation, adaptability, and teamwork.  Honesty and spontaneity (“serious play”) are the focus, rather than comedy.

Improv to Improve Healthcare! Workshops

Our workshops include engaging, fun exercises that are presented and practiced, with a facilitated discussion specifically addressing your organization’s needs.

Why learn the skills of Medical Improv?
  • To Improve Quality of Care and Patient Satisfaction
  • Reduce Medical Errors
  • Address organizational issues with:
    • Bullying
    • Over Stressed Employees
    • Employee Turnover
Who should attend an Improv to Improve Healthcare! workshop?

The entire organization!  Across departments, and at every level, these are crucial learning opportunities for everyone! Here are a few who have benefited from Improv to Improve Healthcare! workshops:

  • Home health agencies
  • Physician practices
  • Medical, nursing, pharmacy and public health students
  • Acute care, assisted living, and long term care facilities
  • Health professionals for their continuing education
  • Worksite wellness
  • Hospital associations
What principles do the Improv exercises focus on?

These are the foundational principles, common to any applied Improv exercise chosen for your organization:

  • “Yes and…” to affirm and add to dialog, rather than negate
  • Surrender individual “plans” and co-create together
  • Experience “failure” as opportunity… to learn, be human, forgive, help
  • Be “present” for others with mindful listening
  • Make others look good by affirming and growing your partner’s ideas
  • Recognize your team has everything that’s needed to support and collaborate together
How does my organization sign up for your workshops?

Here’s a basic outline for setting up an Improv to Improve Healthcare! workshop:

  • 30 minute free phone consultation to discuss organizational needs and possibilities
  • Proposal submitted to the organization for approval
  • On-site assessment with executive team to determine issues to be addressed
  • Agreement for type of workshop, training, or on-going skills facilitation to be  offered [2 to 3 hr workshops are currently the most requested]
  • Continued collaboration for workshop development
  • Post workshop follow-through with ongoing staff education, support of new workplace culture, and the potential for “Train the Improviser” programs
What else should we know about the Improv to Improve Healthcare! workshops?
  • When your organization invests in learning and practicing these new skills, patients benefit and professional collaboration soars.
  • The Improv to Improve Healthcare! team is located in Tucson, AZ, and travels around the country to present workshops. There are also several Medical Improv trainers in the U.S. ready to collaborate.
  • Whether it’s an annual inservice, professional conference, retreat, or special gathering, these interactive workshops are innovative, and an excellent value on investment!

[Read more about the origins of Medical Improv in the Resources area]

Improv to Improve Healthcare! Workshop

Call to arrange a telephone consultation. Email to request an appointment time.

  Additional Information about Improv to Improve Healthcare! Workshops


We were extremely fortunate to have Stephanie as a speaker at our 2014 Patient Safety & Quality Symposium. She did an excellent job of inspiring, educating, and getting our audience out of their seats and their comfort zones!

–  Heather B., CMP, (Hospital Association Event Planner)

I attended her (2015 National Wellness Conference) session and am so glad I did. These tools can be used to improve communications in many settings; immediately I envisioned using these tools with our Community Leadership Team.

Tina M., MS (State Health Improvement Program Coordinator)

This was a great learning session for all to understand that people may be missing important interaction with all levels in an organization. All who were there participated and it was very lively. I would recommend Stephanie’s improv to get people up and moving.

Clare E., (Hospital Association Project Manager)


I loved the communication and team building. It takes a team to provide excellent services. The stronger the team, the better the services. Thank you for this amazing, enriching educational program!

Judy C., CEO, (In-Home Service Agency)

This workshop opened my mind and heart for reflection on how to address the need for spontaneity, flexibility, creativity, collaboration in our work

(UA Integrative Medicine physician)

Great energy and intentional interactions & exercises!

(Medical faculty psychologist)


….listening, paying attention to facial expressions and the importance of nurturing yourself.

(Healthcare staffing coordinator)

….use of “yes, and!” and “yes, but” and how these statements can affect the flow of conversation

(Home Health RN)

….made me aware of boundaries to protect my own dignity and my profession – (CNA caregiver)

Out of the box, organized, FUN!, 2 great facilitators! – (Quality Assurance RN)