RN Patient Advocate

RN Advocates educate, support, and guide you to the options for taking care of your health

What is a RN Patient Advocate?
As a qualified RN and Health Educator, Stephanie received specialized Patient Advocacy training.  She guides individuals to understand their healthcare options, helps to avoid medical errors, facilitates communication between practitioners, and coaches to encourage a holistic, healthy lifestyle.  Her in-person services are private pay.
Who can benefit from the services of a RN Patient Advocate?

Individuals are often frightened and confused when dealing with the medical system. Stephanie understands that it’s difficult to know where to turn for safe, accurate, and ethical healthcare information.
Stephanie has helped:
•    A person who lives alone, or without family nearby, and needs help navigating the medical system.
•    Anyone facing surgery, chemotherapy or other medical procedures, and wanting guidance and support through the process.
•    Coordination of medical services when transitioning from home to assisted living, rehab to home, etc.
•    Individuals looking for licensed, integrative health providers (acupuncturist, chiropractor, yoga therapist, etc.) to support a conventional treatment plan.
•    Promote end of life and advanced care discussions.
•    Facilitate open communication with all healthcare providers, to keep everyone informed, and most importantly, to keep YOU SAFE!

How do I enlist the services of a RN Patient Advocate?
Stephanie offers an initial 30 minute, free phone consultation.  An in-home assessment is completed on all new clients, a contract signed, and an initial payment received.  She charges an hourly fee for consulting services.  Stephanie and her team reside in Tucson, AZ.

RN Patient Advocate

Call me to discuss your situation and arrange an in-home assessment. Or email Stephanie to learn more about how she can help.
Additional Information about the RN Patient Advocacy Team


Stephanie was invaluable in coordinating Mom’s health care, monitoring her health status, bringing things to my attention, and being a sounding board when decisions were needed.  She was an invaluable part of making Mom’s last year and a half comfortable and as happy and functional as possible.

Sue S., patient’s daughter

Over a six month period, Stephanie’s nursing and health care system expertise combined with her caring approach and desire for Mom to regain a good quality of life enabled a great outcome, especially given the fact that Mom, my siblings, and I all live in different states.

Jeff H., patient’s son


My husband and I can say that since his diagnosis for a very rare cancer in 2011 Stephanie has been an able navigator in uncharted seas.  She is the woman who carries knowledge and expertise, and most importantly, a calming presence when people need it most.

Mary K., patient’s wife

In each of our collaborations, Ms. Frederick has proven to be a consummate professional dedicated to her work as a RN and as an effective healthcare advocate helping families navigate our complex healthcare system in order to secure appropriate and cost effective medical services.

Ernie K., Homewatch Caregivers franchisee CEO


Stephanie has experience in conventional Western medicine, as well as, alternative medicine and holistic care. She is able to clearly assess and explain treatment options, prescription medications, health insurance questions, and Dr. recommendations of all kinds. In addition her personal strength, communication skills, compassion, and kindness make her the first person you want on your side in a medical emergency.

Sarah B., client

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and facing surgery, Stephanie was able to help me face my fears and cope with the situation. Her calm and caring personality, as well as her knowledge of medical procedures, enabled me to relax and feel that the situation was under control. I liked that she had an integrative approach to healing and medicine.

Susie G., client


Stephanie’s background in health education and her excellent communication skills facilitates her patient’s understanding of complex disease processes and treatments. I’ve seen her organizational skills and ability to research resources available to her clients enhance their treatment and achievement of their maximum potential. The tenacity with which she advocates for her clients and coordinates their services will fulfill a critical need for individuals facing medical crisis.

Melanie H., RN, CBE

I have not met a more dedicated, conscientious and forward-thinking individual. Stephanie is very knowledgeable about all facets of the health-care industry and has devoted her life’s work to Patient Advocacy.

Bill B., client