Self-Care for Health Professionals

Teaching creative ways to help health professionals care for themselves

What will I learn in a creative self-care strategies workshop?
These workshops are designed to strengthen emotional intelligence, reduce workplace stressors, and enhance personal well-being.

We invite you to:

  • Explore a deeper connection to your mind, body, spirit and natural environment
  • Feel safe in a FUN environment where you can trust yourself, respect differences, and delight in a deep interconnectedness
  • Experience yourself in the present moment as a human “being” rather than a human “doing”
Which self-care strategies do you focus on?
Popular requests have been for mindfulness meditation, storytelling, movement, improvisation, poetry, and inspired writing.  There are many other possibilities, and a team of colleagues to offer a variety of talent and expertise.
Who can attend the workshops? Where are they held?
Any health professional is invited to attend.  If a facility sponsors an event, and they have an appropriate venue, their location is usually chosen.  Sometimes agencies will have a preference about who’s invited (ie., nurses, social service, managers).  Additionally, there are two central Tucson locations that are open to our workshops for independent health professionals.  Stephanie and her team also travel to present workshops throughout Arizona and the U.S.
What else should I know about?
Workshops are tailored to address the needs of any organization, association, academic college, or interested group.  Whether it’s for a retreat, annual conference, or an educational event, these creative strategy workshops are a wonderful way to enjoy, energize, and express!

Creative Self-Care Strategy Workshops for Health Professionals


Call or email to discuss your situation, and help us learn how we can help.

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Stephanie is enthusiastic, skilled and respectful while she compassionately provides service, input, and manifests her ideals of holistic care.

Tani B., RN, CPT

I highly recommend Ms. Frederick as a patient advocate, holistic health educator, and important member of the health professional community. She is one of the few who understand holistic health and actually makes it available to real people in real time.

Mark H., MD


Stephanie is an untiring pioneer in promoting community health by working to integrate traditional medical practice with patient-centered, relationship-based approaches and other complementary health modalities.

Angela W., FNP

Stephanie is excellent at mapping out new, inventive and exciting projects in the field of leadership, integrative healthcare, business management as well as her own personal development.

Linda Cammarata, RN



I served on several committees with her, planning health education activities, including lectures and courses.  Ms. Frederick has brought me a long ways to seeing another point of view, in which all modalities, including CAM (complementary and alternative medicine), are brought to bear.  She uses her rich background, and the local connections she develops, to employ all resources to help the individual.

David Mouw, MD, PhD